Geological Surveys

Geological studies should provide the designer at each stage of the project, sufficient information on the geological characteristics of the land affected by the road, distinguishing between the ground and foundation of the road and its structures and terrain as material to be used in the construction of the road as well as information on hydrological conditions and drainage.

These studies are very important in the design phase because they reduce the uncertainty that always exists in construction. Geological (and geotechnical) studies are the basis for a good project and avoid later problems during implementation.

The geological characteristics are studied and evaluated with the geotechnical characteristics, usually presenting the information in a document.

Every time the knowledge of the subsoil, which underpins human activities, excavation materials, storage or construction, hence the importance of geological and geotechnical projects as a basis for civil engineering study is more important.

The geological and geotechnical studies are aimed at the development of geological, geomechanical and geotechnical models to a knowledge of the behavior of subsurface materials.

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